Sunday, April 8, 2012

Come Take Over my Life (Ruth Sahanaya)

This is truly a nice song :')
I'm so blessed when listen to this song..

If you haven't heard this song before, you should listen it :')


Come take over my life True Worshippers (TW)

Artists, Singers and Worship Leaders: Ruth Sahanaya
In Albums: True Worshippers 5# (2002)
I just want to be with You
'Cause I belong to You
You take my weaknesses
And renew all of my heart

I will stand upon Your word
'Cause I know You're the Truth
You are the reason I sing
The reason I live
Oh Lord Jesus come take over my life
Keep me in Your embrace
Fill me with Your words of life

You amaze me with Your wonderful ways
Forever You are the same
You sure are true to Your words
Lord I can't live without You
Oh Lord I can't live without You..

(you can find the download link in that link ^_^)
Who can live without God? NO ONE.. :')
Lord I can't live without You..

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